The trip will be from Wednesday Nov. 20th, 2013 to Tuesday Dec. 3rd, 2013.  St. Marks Transformational Travel will Partner with PUSO, The Philippine US Solidarity Organization:

The group will travel from Seattle to Manila for a short stay then travel to Davao City in Mindanao (and surrounding areas) for the duration of the trip.

Here is a draft itinerary of our trip.

Tentative Schedule:

N20 leave Seattle (W)

N21 arrive in Manila: jet lag day. Rest upon arrival at hotel or hostel. Later attend to foreign exchange, buy local sim card and cell phone or laptop conversion, buy locally needed products at grocery store. (Th)

N22 AM visit BAYAN Philippines and Karapatan National headquarters in Quezon City, PM tour Intramuros (Old town “Walled City” of Manila), Quiapo (the old downtown of Manila) with a large Muslim population; stay in a hostel. (F)

N23 AM fly to Davao, PM meet with BAYAN Southern Mindanao; stay in a hostel. (Sa)

N24 Visit faith based orgs., including the United Church of Christ and Sisters of the Assumption; stay in a hostel. (Su)

N25-26 Travel to Mt. Apo and meet with indigenous leaders (Era Espana) who have fought the proposed geothermal plant; home stays. (M/Tu)

N27-28 Davao: Missionaries of the Assumption: Sister Esper and Mila: concentrate on food justice issues; stay at school or spiritual retreat center. (W/Th)

N29-D01 Travel to Compostela Valley and meet with Filipinos who have lost land to multinational mining companies and have suffered the consequences of devastating typhoons due to climate change and environmental degradation; home stays. (F/Sa/Su)

D02 Return to Davao; reflection day at hotel. (M)

D03 Leave Davao, via Manila to Seattle. (Tu)

COST BREAKDOWN PER PERSON: Total cost: $1970 +/- $300
Airfare: $1270 +/- $300 for Round Trip tickets to Manila and Davao from Seattle.
Land costs: $520
Land transportation using jeepneys and taxis $30
Food $150
Housing: hostels and home stays $200, hotels $80
Interpretive/guide services $60
Carbon Off-Set: $180 donation for air travel to the Carbon Offset Cooperative Mission with the Diocese of the Southern Philippines.

Scholarships will be available for selected recipients to offset up to $500 off the cost of the trip.

Please contact: with any questions.


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