This section of the website has a collection of resources to help us prepare for our journey to Nicaragua.


Prayer from a Newspaper from Managua, Nicaragua

Translation by Professor Ruth Huston.

God, Good Father and Just Mother,

Heart of the Heaven and Heart of the Earth,

Today we ask you on behalf of Nicaragua,

That you might open our eyes to the country that we

Are passing on to our daughters and our sons,

A country hijacked (sequestered) by those who have

Accumulated power and wealth

At the cost of their brothers and sisters.

Give us clarity to understand the

Responsibility that we have in all of this.

Give us humility to recognize the errors that

Have led us to this point.

Give us strength to find a path/way to change all this.

Don’t leave us to fall to the temptation passing

Responsibility to you to resolve

That which is our responsibility to resolve.



Useful Websites:

Questions?  Email us!

St. Marks Resources:

Our St. Marks Transformational Travel Website:

 Want to see more pictures? Website from St. Mark’s 2010 Nicaragua Delegation:

Travel Questions?

Resource for general information about Nicaragua – Travel information, history, cultural nuances etc:

US CDC Travel Health Recommendations for Nicaragua:

Language Learning


I recommend the interactive video courses. I used some for French and found my skills were quite improved after :). Have a look! There is also the Spanish ‘quick fix’ which helps you download necessary phrases for a quick holiday or visit. Best of all it is free!!

Websites of some of our destinations:

Matagalpa Tours website:

Fair Trade Coffee Farm: Cecocafan: (In Spanish)

Rough English Cecocafan website via google translate:

History and Current Development:

Timeline of Nicaraguan History:

A Development Overview of Nicaragua:

A great set of articles detailing the role of the arts and culture during 2oth Century Nicaraguan Political History:

State Department Website – general (US perspective) country statistics, historical, economic, cultural (etc) overview:


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